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The dive community that supports ALL its members!'s Journal
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Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
11:32 pm
Thursday, December 20th, 2007
4:37 pm
Big Ole' Sale
Hey guys,

Just FYI, Scuba.com is having a HUGE sale on used gear:


Happy Holidays!
Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
5:58 pm
Yeah... it's my daddy!! lol!
My dad just sent me a link to the "National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section" (NSSCDS for short) site for their 2008 annual workshop... Apparently my dad's a presenter! lol! I'm so lucky to have my family!!! (yet, it doesn't mention _anywhere_ that he has a fabulous, single, cave-diving daughter! hmmmm... someone should alert them to the typo! lol!

"Ken Anderson, RN

title or description

Ken has been scuba diving since 1966. Back then, when you bought your tank and regulator, you didn't need to be certified. The owner simply told him, "breathe normally and don't hold your breath". Living in Michigan, almost all Ken's diving was in the Great Lakes. In 1996 he became a NAUI instructor, and his interest in underwater caves began. Through the NACD and NSS-CDS, his training progressed through full cave diver. In 2005 Ken and his wife Jayne moved from Michigan to North Florida - he was too old to shovel snow anymore and he needed to move closer to the Florida springs.

Ken is a Registered Nurse working primarily in the critical care field and emergency room setting since 1981. He has an acute interest in hyperbaric medicine, and in the education of fellow divers about health and safety issues in diving."
Sunday, November 11th, 2007
10:18 pm
I'm so excited! (and now, that song will be stuck in your head all day, too!)
I've finally decided it _will_ be worth spending the $250 for my dad and myself to do DiveQuest at Disney's EPCOT! I think it'll be pretty good Christmas present for him!

In the past he's said he wasn't too interested in it, with all the diving elsewhere that he's done... But I decided to look more into it, and the amount of _experienced_ divers that have said they just LOVED it has made me decide to do it!!

I'm about to be a starving student again, so $250 is _A_LOT_ of money, but I _know_ he wouldn't want to do it on his own (oh, darn! means I have to go, too! hate when that happens! lol!!)... Now I'm just super-excited about it!!! I'm going to make the reservations this Thursday as soon as I get paid!

Anyone else done this!?!

x-posted EVERYwhere!
Friday, September 21st, 2007
9:06 am
Hi guys,

I'm doing my Advanced Open Water certification this weekend in Catalina. I'm excited but a bit nervous. For one thing, it's supposed to rain. Has anyone dove in rain before? Anything I should be aware of? or does it make no difference at all?

We'll be doing:

Deep dive (100')
Night dive
Advanced navigation
Search and recovery
Underwater naturalist

I'm a total scubanoob so any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!!
Thursday, September 20th, 2007
11:42 pm
Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
7:57 am
I'm supporting this community because it is important to have a criticism-free zone to be able to talk about diving honestly. People are less likely to talk about mistakes or dangerous situations if some bozo is lurking and waiting to spit venom.

I got started diving in 2004. I was at a cookout when a buddy asked me to go through dive training with him. I said "sure" and the rest is history. I currently hold an Advanced Open Water certification. I don't really have a desire to get into the certification race. Some divers may have 30 cards, some may only have 1. I'm more interested in discipline, skill, and knowledge.

The best diving I've ever done was in Cozumel, Mexico. In the marine park there, as soon as you step into the water you are in a field of coral. It is really an amazing sight to see. Drift diving in the deeper channel is also a blast. It really feels like you are flying.

The ocean has spoiled me on diving in the murky lakes and quarries of Kentucky, so I usually only dive in saltwater. I have all my own gear, mostly scuba pro stuff, along with an oceanic computer.
5:26 am
Hey, guys!
I don't know how long it will take to get this community going, but I really hope this is a place for all of us!!! I really hope we can share our diving experiences, be them good or bad in a non-threatening, non-judgmental group! Please remember that if you can't say something nice to another member, you can't be here. I will have absolutely no tolerance for anything other than support and advice!

A little bit about me! My dad started diving when he was 16 years old, and the dive shop just gave you a tank and a reg and said "don't hold your breath." He was an "instructor" before there WERE instructors! I got certified by SSI when I was 12, I went through all the pointless steps to become "Jr. Advanced" etc... If you've been diving long enough, you'll realize that those classes usually don't mean much. It's your experiences that count. I am now 25, I have been diving over half my life. I am Cave Certified by the NACD (National Association for Cave Diving) and I absolutely love it! My dad and brother are both full cave certified, and my sister is open water (she only like warm water with pretty fish!) My mom will go snorkeling every once in awhile, but she's usually most happy with a good book on the surface.

In the cumulative _80_ years that my family has been SCUBA diving, not a single one of us has ever run out of air, needed a deco chamber, or had any sort of crisis. With that being said though, we have lost family friends to the sport. Most notably July 27th, 2004 when Sarah "Franny" Slaughter accidentally dropped the oxygen tank she was filling. My dad's friend Chris, sadly hasn't been diving since.

My biggest fear is that something might happen to me in a cave (where, no matter how prepared you are, things HAPPEN. You cannot prepare for a medical crisis 200' into a system). And that my family would lose the love they have of the support.

SCUBA Diving is in my blood, its part of my life. I'm most comfortable in the water, and I really like sharing my experience and advice with others. If anyone is in the Michigan/Northern Ohio area, feel free to drop me a line! I'd love to go diving with you!

And this is what I want this community to be about. Sharing our experiences. No chastising for mistakes. Realize that a mistake is a mistake, you learn from it and move on. Instead of finger-pointing, offer some advice!
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