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I'm supporting this community because it is important to have a criticism-free zone to be able to talk about diving honestly. People are less likely to talk about mistakes or dangerous situations if some bozo is lurking and waiting to spit venom.

I got started diving in 2004. I was at a cookout when a buddy asked me to go through dive training with him. I said "sure" and the rest is history. I currently hold an Advanced Open Water certification. I don't really have a desire to get into the certification race. Some divers may have 30 cards, some may only have 1. I'm more interested in discipline, skill, and knowledge.

The best diving I've ever done was in Cozumel, Mexico. In the marine park there, as soon as you step into the water you are in a field of coral. It is really an amazing sight to see. Drift diving in the deeper channel is also a blast. It really feels like you are flying.

The ocean has spoiled me on diving in the murky lakes and quarries of Kentucky, so I usually only dive in saltwater. I have all my own gear, mostly scuba pro stuff, along with an oceanic computer.
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