Beki*Lynne! (bekilynne) wrote in supportivedive,

Yeah... it's my daddy!! lol!

My dad just sent me a link to the "National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section" (NSSCDS for short) site for their 2008 annual workshop... Apparently my dad's a presenter! lol! I'm so lucky to have my family!!! (yet, it doesn't mention _anywhere_ that he has a fabulous, single, cave-diving daughter! hmmmm... someone should alert them to the typo! lol!

"Ken Anderson, RN

title or description

Ken has been scuba diving since 1966. Back then, when you bought your tank and regulator, you didn't need to be certified. The owner simply told him, "breathe normally and don't hold your breath". Living in Michigan, almost all Ken's diving was in the Great Lakes. In 1996 he became a NAUI instructor, and his interest in underwater caves began. Through the NACD and NSS-CDS, his training progressed through full cave diver. In 2005 Ken and his wife Jayne moved from Michigan to North Florida - he was too old to shovel snow anymore and he needed to move closer to the Florida springs.

Ken is a Registered Nurse working primarily in the critical care field and emergency room setting since 1981. He has an acute interest in hyperbaric medicine, and in the education of fellow divers about health and safety issues in diving."
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