Beki*Lynne! (bekilynne) wrote in supportivedive,

I'm so excited! (and now, that song will be stuck in your head all day, too!)

I've finally decided it _will_ be worth spending the $250 for my dad and myself to do DiveQuest at Disney's EPCOT! I think it'll be pretty good Christmas present for him!

In the past he's said he wasn't too interested in it, with all the diving elsewhere that he's done... But I decided to look more into it, and the amount of _experienced_ divers that have said they just LOVED it has made me decide to do it!!

I'm about to be a starving student again, so $250 is _A_LOT_ of money, but I _know_ he wouldn't want to do it on his own (oh, darn! means I have to go, too! hate when that happens! lol!!)... Now I'm just super-excited about it!!! I'm going to make the reservations this Thursday as soon as I get paid!

Anyone else done this!?!

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